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St Lukes Episcopal School students, teachers, parents and friends are bound together by a common mission, aspiring to become lifelong learners who strive to brighten the lives of others. The broad experience of our faculty and the breadth of our curriculum make St Lukes Episcopal School a remarkable place where talents are fostered and lasting bonds are established between faculty and family.


St Lukes Episcopal School learners are empowered to achieve their personal best through our rigorous academic curriculum, innovative instruction and inclusive environment. Students are challenged to think critically, to problem solve, and to become self-reliant. The St. Luke’s graduate is prepared to face the challenges of a rapidly changing society.


St Lukes Episcopal School delivers an education to the whole child; mind, body and soul. Our co-curricular and athletic programs allow students to venture outside of the traditional classroom setting. St Lukes Episcopal School cultivates the competitive spirit and an appreciation of teamwork.


The St Lukes Episcopal School community gathers each morning in chapel to worship and give thanks. Our students are charged to be leaders and servants. Extensive service learning opportunities encourage students to look beyond themselves and rejoice in assisting others. “The St. Luke’s Way” inspires young people to embrace their responsibility to make a positive difference in their communities and beyond.


As a school community, we aspire to illuminate our students so that when they move on, they are equipped to inspire others. The unique talent of every person is celebrated, and St Lukes Episcopal School graduates embrace the lifelong pursuit of knowledge, excellence and wisdom.

Shine • Achieve • Explore • Serve • Lead are more than words for our students. St Lukes Episcopal School graduates know that, with God’s help, they will.