Exciting Leadership Transition at St. Luke’s Episcopal School

San Antonio’s esteemed St. Luke’s Episcopal School is embarking on a new chapter of leadership and innovation. The school’s Board of Trustees has joyously announced the appointment of Michael “Mike” Jenkins as the new Head of School, effective July 1, 2024. This development marks a significant milestone in the school’s journey towards academic excellence and community enrichment.

Mike Jenkins, son Matt Jenkins, and wife Andrea Jenkins. Image from St. Luke’s Episcopal School

Meet Mike Jenkins

Mike Jenkins is no stranger to the world of quality education and leadership. With a rich history as the Director of the Middle School at Detroit Country Day School and roles at other prestigious institutions, Jenkins brings a wealth of experience and a visionary approach to St. Luke’s. His educational journey, marked by a blend of psychology and private school leadership studies, equips him with a unique perspective to nurture both the academic and holistic development of students.

A Warm Farewell and a New Beginning

The announcement follows the departure of Dr. Chelsea Collins, who gracefully led St. Luke’s before accepting a new role at St. Francis Episcopal School in Houston. The seamless transition of leadership is a testament to the school’s commitment to stability and continuous growth. Michael Robinson, an experienced leader and ordained Episcopal priest, has been the Interim Head of School, ensuring that the school’s legacy of excellence remains intact.

A Future of Excellence

Jenkins is poised to elevate St. Luke’s Episcopal School to new heights. Drawn to the school’s Episcopal identity and its focus on the holistic development of every child, Jenkins is committed to fostering a learning environment where joy, respect, and academic excellence coexist. The San Antonio community, students, and families can look forward to an era where tradition and innovation merge, ensuring that every learner is equipped for success in a dynamic world.

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