Saint Mary’s Hall

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9401 Starcrest Drive, San Antonio, TX, USA
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Founded in 1879 on the principles of knowledge, self-confidence, and respect for others, Saint Mary’s Hall creates a culture of trust where every student is known. Graduates go forth confidently armed with the skills, knowledge, and self-awareness needed to thrive in college and find fulfillment in life.

KNOW YOUR STRENGTHS: Saint Mary’s Hall empowers learners through rigorous academics and intellectual discourse.  Our school echoes the offerings of a liberal arts college with a rich curriculum.

KNOW ONE ANOTHER: Saint Mary’s Hall students are part of a supportive environment where they are known — by faculty, each other, and in turn, themselves.

KNOW YOUR MENTORS: Saint Mary’s Hall students thrive from guidance from expert faculty mentors.  Nearly half of the faculty hold advanced degrees, and are devoted, knowledgeable experts in their fields who leave an enduring impression on the students.

KNOW YOURSELF: Saint Mary’s Hall provides a broad range of opportunities that help students develop their own unique talents and discover their passions.

The best way to learn about Saint Mary’s Hall is to visit our beautiful campus and experience the dynamic interaction that takes place between students and faculty, as well as among the students themselves.  We invite you to visit our web site at to learn more about Saint Mary’s Hall.

About Saint Mary’s Hall
Date founded: 1879
Grades offered: Montessori Age 3 – 12th Grade
Coeducational, Inter-denominational
Enrollment total: 750
Tuition: $16,974 to $31,101
Financial aid: The SMH financial aid program provides tuition assistance to qualified students with demonstrated need, and we encourage any family who may need assistance to apply. Scholarships are also available to new and currently enrolled students entering Forms 9-12

Extracurricular activities: Athletics (total of 14 men’s and women’s sports), Fine Arts (Dance, Drama/Speech & Debate, Media Arts, Music, Visual Arts), Student Enrichment (Summer, Fall, & Spring after-school classes), Special Interest Clubs (more than 50)