Winston’s Back to On-Campus School

During the June and July 2020, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, The Winston School San Antonio ran a successful , 4 week, on-campus summer school for students K-12. As many schools were cancelling summer schools and programs, Dr. Charles J. Karulak, Headmaster, and his team decided to go ahead as planned, adding a clear, CDC compliant layer of protocols and procedures to ensure the health and safety of our students, teachers and administrators. The Health & Safety of everyone on campus was our number one priority.As pressure mounts from both sides of the issue “should they or shouldn’t they return to school” in the fall, Winston is prepared for a full on-campus return to school. Our Summer Program demonstrated that following CDC protocols and procedures can be highly effective in preventing spread of the virus.

Strict safety protocols included:

  • Temperature check for every student, teacher and administrator before entering building
  • External doors were locked, visitors were admitted provided they wore a mask and also a temp check at front desk
  • Plexiglas screen installed in our front office to add another level of protection
  • EVERYONE was required to wear a face covering while inside the building
  • Hand sanitizer stations located by all doors, and all classrooms supplied with hand sanitizer and Clorox Wipes.
  • All desks and chairs measured 6ft apart, with floor markers to identify location. All desks and chairs cleaned thoroughly cleaned after each class
  •  COVID 10 information posters and information sheets posted throughout the school.

Winston’s Fall Semester

After the pilot summer school program, Winston plans on offering a hybrid program in the Fall.Dr. Karulak, Headmaster emphasizes “It is our hope that our students return to campus in the fall. WE believe that the social aspects, and our small class sizes significantly improve the quality of learning. However we understand that some parents may prefer to continue the distance learning. We have improved our distance learning programs based on our experiences in the Spring and parent feedback. All teachers will conduct classes from their classrooms, per our daily schedule. Distance learning students will attend via Zoom and be able to participate in classes. Attendance will be taken daily for on-campus and distance learning students and work will be graded, versus the Pass/ Fail method. We are very excited about pioneering this program, which we believe is one of the first “on-campus” programs in the city, since March!” We have full details our return to school in the fall program on our web site at

About The Winston School San Antonio

The mission of The Winston School San Antonio is to provide a personalized, college preparatory education to students with high potential and identified learning differences. A Winston School graduate is confident, well-rounded, and a life-long self-advocate.

Link to video highlighting Winston’s On-Campus Arrival and COVID protocols and procedures:

Link to Winston’s 2020-2021 Returning to School Brochure: