Maintaining Social-Emotional Health During COVID: Practical Strategies for Schools and Families

Winston Learning Series Event (VIRTUAL EVENT)

On Tuesday, October 20, 2020 from 7-8pm, The Winston School San Antonio is hosting a Winston Learning Series event, “Maintaining Social-Emotional Health during COVID: Practical Strategies for Schools and Families.” COVID-19 can affect many adolescents’ social, emotional, and mental well-being. Join us as we explore strategies to help families during these unusual times.

Our expert panel will consist of: Courtney Crim, Ed.D., Educator and Associate Professor at Trinity University,Amanda Koplin, LPC, a mental health therapist specializing in helping teens cope with anxiety, depression and addictions. 

This session is especially relevant to educators, parents, and anyone living or working in an environment where children are present. It is a virtual event, that is FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. 

RSVP by calling at 210.615.7485 or online at

Winston’s Headmaster, Dr. Charles J. Karulak Ed.D. said, “The Winston Learning Series is part our secondary mission which is community outreach. Winston is fortunate to have a Medical Scientific Advisory Committee that helps plan timely events to offer information to the broader community of educators, parents, mental health professionals, and others who work with children. The emotional and social wellbeing of children is very important in their development. During the past seven months, children have been denied opportunities for emotional and social experiences due to COVID-19. Winston prides itself on educating children with learning differences, and continues to offer information to address additional aspects of child development.”