St. Luke’s Episcopal School Students to attend World Scholar’s Cup Tournament of Champions at Yale University


This week, a team of scholars representing St.Luke’s Episcopal School will advance to the third and final round of the World Scholar’s Cup, the Tournament of Champions held annually at Yale University. The tournament, which will take place from November 16-20, is the culmination of a competition that began in May of this year. St. Luke’s team will convene with international students from over 50 different countries to compete in various academic fields.

(Left to right) Melanie Sandoval, Malaika Koreshi, and Malaika Koreshi in the Global Rounds in Barcelona, Spain.

(Left to right) Melanie Sandoval, Malaika Koreshi, and Malaika Koreshi in the Global Rounds in Barcelona, Spain.

St. Luke’s Episcopal School eighth grader Malaika Koreshi and alumnae Mikaela Miller and Melanie Sandoval, SLES class of 2018, have accepted the invitation to attend the World Scholar’s Cup Tournament of Champions at Yale University. Their journey first began with the regional round in Houston, and took them across the Atlantic this summer to Barcelona, Spain where they competed against over 2,500 international students. Their hard work and success in each of these rounds have earned them the opportunity to compete on the campus of one of America’s oldest and most prestigious universities.

The World Scholar’s Cup is an academic program founded upon the values of inclusivity, teamwork, interdisciplinary studies, global citizenship, and lighthearted fun. Through its international network and universal themes, the WSC strives “to inspire a global community of future scholars and leaders.” Teams of students compete against each other in events such as collaborative writing, debate, and the scholar’s bowl, drawing on their knowledge in subject areas ranging from science to art and music. The 2018 theme, “An Entangled World,” included topics such as the “history of diplomacy” and the “science of memory.”

At the Tournament of Champions, Koreshi, Miller, and Sandoval will reunite for their final World Scholar’s Cup round as a team. Miller and Sandoval graduated from St. Luke’s last May and are currently high school freshmen. When not competing in WSC events, the three students will also have the chance to interact with and learn from Yale students, attend a special panel on college life, and meet keynote speakers, including a Yale University professor. “I’m extremely excited to be able to visit Yale through the World Scholar’s Cup,” says Malaika Koreshi. “In Barcelona, we met a lot of people from many different places – it stresses the idea that we’re all connected. We’re not separate just because we come from different places.”