St. Luke’s Episcopal School Selects InterimHead of School

It is with great enthusiasm that St. Luke’s Episcopal School announces Mrs. Lenesa Leana has accepted the Board’s invitation to serve as the SLES Interim Head of School for the 2018-2019 school year.

Lenesa’s impressive background as a teacher, a division head, a head of school and most importantly, an advocate for children, makes her the perfect choice for the SLES family.

Recently Lenesa spent time on campus, meeting children, teachers, staff, and trustees and becoming acquainted with our school’s distinctive culture. It was evident that Lenesa embraces The St. Luke’s Way and is an excellent fit for SLES.

Lenesa stated, “When I visited St. Luke’s in early April, I was impressed by the care and mutual respect among all constituencies at the School, the sense of shared responsibility and creative collaboration. It is no wonder that St. Luke’s students are confident and engaged learners who reach out to adults and introduce themselves. I could sense the energy at the School and feel honored to have been selected to join you at this time.”

Lenesa’s teaching résumé is impressive. Most recently she served a storied twelve-year tenure as Head of School at the prestigious Belmont Day School in Boston. She led the school to new levels of achievement, both in the classroom and institutionally. Lenesa currently serves on the Board of Trustees at The Breck School, an Episcopal K-12 school in Minneapolis. Lenesa’s accomplishments include two published books on education.